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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hi, my name is Fret..how are you today?

So the pathetic girl I am got sick again.  This is my second cold since the first of the year.  Not good.  I am congested and eyes hurt and watery today.  Yes, I am in the office, why you ask?  Because it is frowned upon to take sick days here.  Right now everyone at work is proving there position and that we are hard workers so as not to be replaced by a younger programmer.   I left consulting because of the cut throat mentality and I am sad to see my company going down that path.  I had my review yesterday and it was awesome.  My boss assured me that I am instrumental in the shaping the company this year and to not "fret" so much.  It made me chuckle out loud because my husband always calls me the fretter.  He says I fret about  a lot.  I suppose I do.

It was nice to get on the scale again this morning and to still be down..I was afraid those cookies I ate would have caught up to me...maybe its the lack of appetite from the cold that is keeping them from ringing in the scale.  I am actually looking forward to posting a lower weight tomorrow.  I did elliptical for 40 min yesterday and plan on doing it again today.  I am noticing my butt muscles are terribly sore but thats about all that is sore...maybe I need to increase my resistance?

I watched BL last night and fell asleep during weigh in...dang it..will have to catch up tonight on who got sent packing.  The blue team was weak and I am hoping it is one of them going home but I have a feeling it will be  someone on the white team because they had such stellar losses last week.  If they are like me its hard to pull big numbers two weeks in a row.


Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

I am loving BL this year. I am saving it on the DVR for watching during my run! It really motivates me!

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

Oh...and feel better!

Connie O said...

My boss always gets mad if we come in when we are sick b/c he is afraid of catching it. However, the company gives us so little sick time that everyone comes in unless they are dying. I should tell him to work on that.

You don't have to get sore to benefit from cardio--you just have to get your heart rate up! I tend to get sore from weight workouts, but not from cardio unless I am climbing a mountain or some such thing.

Terrie said...

I fell asleep after the 5K. For people who haven't been working out very long they pulled some awesome times on the run!

Sounds like it may be the workplace making you sick. Luckily we get enough vacation and sick time that, unless you abuse it, you should be able to take off when sick. We get in trouble if we come it sick.

Banded Strong said...

Maybe you should call in well! Just tell them you are playing hookie. Rediculous that some companies are like that! I hope you feel better quickly!

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

Feel better! I need to catch up on BL, it's on the DVR!