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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

It's time for that wonderful day where we blog a list of totally random things ...thanks, Laura, for getting this started
1.) Well I have been going over in my head if I should quit blogging for awhile until I have my surgery next week.  I get depressed reading blogs about how people are doing with there new fills and I know I should have 3 fills in me by now....waaa..waaa.waaa
2.) My hubby got the offer on his new job so he will be working from home starting in June.  This will be great I will be able to work out without any guilt because he will be home more to watch Johnny.  I will get to see him more than I do now as well which is always nice.
3.) I got a new boss at work.  I am a little nervous wondering how it will go  I have a new title Biztalk System Administrator...oooh laa laa
4.) One of my closest friends is coming to visit for a month because him and his baby mama are having issues and his daughter here in town from a previous marriage is now a teenager with major issues...should be interesting
5.) My sons 5th birthday party is coming up at the end of the month and he is driving me crazy how he talks about it EVERY DAY!  I hope I make it to the birthday party before I strangle someone...just kidding.
6.) Went to a family easter dinner and they all knew about my surgery so just as I thought the one lady I told, told them all.  I didn't talk to them about it because frankly its none of there business and I am not ready to share my journey with my in-laws.
7.)  My dad and aunt are suppose to be coming down in a few weeks and I am really looking forward to seeing them.  I will be recovering from my port revision surgery at the time but even with all the drugs I hope I remember there visit---bahh ha ha
8.)  I can't get into Conda on the biggest loser no matter how much I try...I just don't like her.
9.)  I am going to a passion party this weekend...Not looking forward to it....one of my 'new' mom friends all but twisted my arm saying how she would really like me to be there and how its her birthday and this is what she wanted to do....ughhhhh ok I will go
10.)  I may need to up who I am following in blog land...some of my favorite bloggers are not blogging enough for my stalking a##$@ss


Banded With Favor said...

I am sure the birthday party will be spectacular!!! My buddy boy even at 9 ranted about his birthday the entire Month of March...his bday was 3/22... Everyday we got the count down,"21 days till my bday, 15 days till my bday...", oh so annoying but he loved his celebration, I am sure your little guy will too!!! Keeping you in my thoughts with your port, hoping it is quick and easy!!;)

vickyd said...

I'm glad your husband got the job offer - it sounds like it will be good thing all around. Good luck with your upcoming port revision...I hope your recovery is fast and pain free!

MandaPanda said...

Congrats to your hubby!! To blog or not to blog...always a question. I took a hiatus before I was banded but am so glad I made my way back.

mdlapband said...

keep your head up, my sister! This is just a bump in the road and you'll be back on track very soon. Yay for your hubby being home more! I'll be sending you lots of prayers for crazy will power and peace of mind for the next couple of weeks!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

I can't like Conda either!!! I want her to go home!

Andrea said...

Don't give up blogging. I know your situation sucks, but we're here for you!

Laura Belle said...

You CAN NOT give up blogging. Repeat after me: I shall blog all the time because this makes LauraBelle happy and all I want to do in life is make her happy.

ok. that is all.