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Friday, April 13, 2012


Whether you’re a parent or not….what do you think the appropriate age is to talk to a child about “the birds and the bees”?
Oh boy....really don't want to go there anytime soon.  I did just have to explain to BOTH my hubby and child that chicken eggs will never have a chick in them unless a rooster fertilizes them.  Both my son and hubby thought that a chicken egg could become a chick without a rooster...seriously...and my child is only 4...no execuse for hubby.  Johnny then wanted to know what the rooster did to help the chick along....I said it was a hard process to explain and I would explain it when he was older...he was cool with that.  I am hoping not until 11 years old will I need to talk about it.

2. What’s the color scheme in your bedroom?
Scheme? I am boring and everything is tan, carpet tan, walls tan, bedspread tan.  I need to get me some decorating skills

3. What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use on your hair?
I use Redken blonde glam

4. And since it’s nearly summer time…do you paint your own toes, go some place for pedicures or not paint your toes at all? What’s your fave toe color?
I sometimes paint them myself if I am in a pinch and can't get to a salon...otherwise I try to get them done once a month.  I usually stick to reds and pinks but I have been liking the whole 1 toe or 1 finger a different color kind of thing!

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week!
Real Life is ok...waiting for my port revision surgery next week and kind of feel like I am just trying to maintain my weight right now.  I am hungry most of the time so I have been filling up on vegetables
Blog is ok ... my heart just hasn't been into it.


Banded With Favor said...

Oh Jenn, good thoughts coming to you!!! Good job on sticking to the veggies instead of the bad stuff!!! ;)

MandaPanda said...

LOL@ at the rooster and egg fiasco. I'd have a hard time explaining that one.

You're doing so well. Please don't get discouraged.

Andrea said...

Keep us updated on the port revision!

RockBand Barbie said...

I have some of that shampoo too! Sending good vibes your way on your port revision surgery!!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Good luck on your upcoming surgery hun!

Momee3021 said...

I tell my kids the truth about the birds and even the bees right when they start asking. I always follow it up with... The truth is always scarier than the misinformation that your friends will give you. Ha ha... Plus 8 year old gets a PG version and 12 year old gets the scary stay away from girls version.

I'm so sorry about the port revision. You hang in there - keep blogging or email me don't cut off.