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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No Birthday Cake

So my mom wanted to grill steaks or take me out to eat for my bday but I knew that 1.) the steak would be hard to eat--she cooks it well done and would have been a bit dry 2.) Going out to eat is usually full of bad choices.  So I told her and Jeff to come over and I would make chicken tortilla soup.  She came over and I noticed she did not bring a cake---I said WTF....she laughed and said she figured I would not have had a piece so she didn't want to tempt me.  I guess that was probably a good thing but I was kind of looking forward to a piece of cake and ice cream .... oh well better choices were probably made yesterday.
Today I am glad there is no leftover cake in the house...I would have diligently worked at getting rid of it everyday a piece at a time and that would not have made my journey successful.  So this is the first year I did not have cake on my birthday.
On a child front, I am having issues with my son at school not wiping well.  He just is too lazy to stop and wipe completely and so the teachers have been getting after me...its hard to teach when I only get 2 poops a week on the weekend from him to teach him.  Hopefully I can get this working before the start of school (Kindergarten) next year...but this has been an issue all year for him.  Sometimes he is good but about 1 a month he slacks off.  Not sure how to motivate him to be a big boy and clean up after himself.


MandaPanda said...

Oh the joys of parenting! I find I struggle with cake so it's easy to limit myself to just one slice

Jen said...

Cake is a tough one for me.. I love it too much.. better off just not having it around!! So, is this the kind of stuff I have to look forward to with Mac?? Oh Boy!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

It's nice they don't tempt you...so many friends and family sabotage without even realizing it.

Sara said...

sad there was no cake on your birthday - but glad your mom is on your side and not tempting you. Thats great!