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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Carnie Wilson lap band eh?

So I am not sure how I feel about Carnie Wilson getting the lap band after she had gastric bypass.  In a way I am kind of wondering why she thinks she can get this to work?  What has changed in her to make her think this will work when gastric did not?  I totally think she left her band hanging and it was rude for her to not let them know but then again I was thinking why can't she go on tour a month after she gets her band?  Band surgery is not that hard to where she would be down for a month....I mean really I was back at work after a week.  She should be fine to tour after 4 weeks.
While I am bitching I noticed that a few ladies at my Weight Loss support group don't really eat food.  They stick to liquids(protein shakes and bars) and rarely add "real" food in.  I thought the goal was to eat "real" food and to try to eliminate shakes and bars and use them only as necessary?  I can see some being tight in the am and having a shake then but why not eat real food for lunch and dinner?  They seem to keep getting fills when they have problems eating food.  Its confusing to me and I have a hard time feeling any sympathy to a bander who is tight but not losing and not really eating food decides to get another fill....REALLY maybe you need to evaluate what you are eating and exercising before automatically thinking a fill is the answer.


Band Geek said...

True and true, neither one makes much sense. As far as the gals in your support group, are they all tied the same surgeon? I hope it's not being suggested as a good idea by their surgeon(s), as no one can sustain that indefinitely.

MandaPanda said...

I agree with this entire post! If the band kept me from eating anything, I'd have it taken out. That's not the freakin' point. My doc doesn't want you on shakes or bars at all...just real food. He says if you have to have filler, than fine but you should be able to eat. :)

RockBand Barbie said...

My doctor is very anti protein shakes...and it's a good thing because I hate them. He only suggested it for the first week after surgery...after that he said he didn't want me drinking any of my calories. I like to eat and I in no way wanted to give that up...I just wanted something to help me along as I made changes as to what and how much I ate.

Momee3021 said...

I get my 1st fill on Thursday and they have already told me that I Must be able to eat food - actual food. They said that they are very conservative and will only put in a bit at a time even if they have to do it 10 times to get the right amount. I guess its different here in Canada since we were self pay the total cost includes all after care including fills (they call them adjustments) and any port/band fixes. I would hate to not eat food but I have to admit that Ive been on a soup kick since my liquid/puree stage - I actually crave it but I was told no more than 1x per week since it doesn't fill you enough to get that satiety feeling. As of Carnie Wilson - she is battling with herself and the band will not help if the gastric didn't - what I want to know is why on earth did she not do the band 1st???