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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Look like a different person..quote from Papa!

Well I picked up my dad from the airport yesterday..it was so good to see him.  Its hard living so far away from relatives you like and not seeing them but once a year...wish I was rich and could fly whenever I wanted...sigh......He was amazed how different I looked...said I looked like someone else..a lot younger....I was very appreciative!

Johnny was so excited to see him, we went to pick him up and Johnny ran and leapt into his arms..yikes..thought he might fall over :)

Then we came home and I made empanadas for the family..I just had salad.

I woke up last night with terrible reflux.  Now I mentioned I was feeling tight and then sometimes good and then othertimes not good..well I have had the reflux at night more times than I care to so I am calling today for a slight unfill.  Not sure what it is from but I don't care, I am tired of babying the band and want it a little looser..plus the way I have been dropping weight is crazy so I don't see why I can't take a little fluid out.  Even though I have had this thing for almost a year..I still don't get why I can be loose and wide open some weeks..days and others slammed shut.  Well hopefully I can get in today because I don't want to experience another night like last night.
I will keep you posted.


MandaPanda said...

I love when people who haven't seen us in awhile notice the loss!

Your band sure is fickle but reflux is no good. Hope you can get in for an unfill.

Leigh C. said...

It was the same with my dad over the summer. I hadn't seen him much, then when I saw him in the fall, he couldn't believe how I looked! Love that:)