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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Family Christmas Photo

I got my Christmas cards ordered...the pic sucked..we kind of look like deer in headlights..but oh well..if you only knew how long it took just to get that photo..seriously I felt like I was with ADD dad and ADD kid and ADD father....geez

I finally got my back two tires replaced..yikes! they were original tires on my camry and it has 60000 miles on it..I must say these tires lasted me the longest!

I am going to pick up hubbys gift today ..can't say what..in case he reads this..he is quite clever on finding out.

Johnny has a Christmas recital at school on Thursday so I picked him up a dress shirt and tie..so cute..I will post pics but I bet they will be adorable.  Then he informs me he has a school party on Friday and he gets to wear pj's all day and he wants teenage mutant ninja pj's....really..I got them but they are under the tree.  His other pj's are really not going out in public pretty...I can't believe I am going to go buy him a pair of pj's just for friday...but yes I am...hey..he is an only child and yes I spoil. :)

Oh and I got Johnnys school photo..seriously he must has spilled something on his shirt because the pic shows a wet shirt...really...what am I to do with that?


Anna said...

Great pics - what a beautiful family! And I lol-ed at the wet shirt...love it!

Terrie said...

boys will be boys!!

You look great in the picture, it isn't bad. We are our own worse critic.

Your little man is a cutie pie.

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

I actually like your family pic!!! And the shirt is too funny - the pic is great, but I wonder if they could retouch the shirt?

MandaPanda said...

The pics are great! I bought my daughter pj's just for pajama day at school once. Things we do for our kids....

Z said...

you all look adorable and cute!

speck said...

Oh my gosh, I am laughing my ass off and I've only read the first paragraph! I love it! "deer in headlights". LMAO

Love the pictures. Makes me smile.

Merry Christmas my friend.


Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

You are just too pretty!