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Monday, March 5, 2012

MyFitnessPal a great motivator....and having friends helps!

So I had a great weekend!  I went walking around Tempe Town Lake Saturday morning for 90 minutes...it felt great.  I went with some seasoned lap banders from my support group.  They go every weekend but usually I can't make it..so glad I did this weekend.  I was having a hard time figuring out if I was feeling hunger pains, port pains or gas pains.  So when I felt them I downed(sipped) some water for awhile and if they didn't go away I had a bit to eat..that seems to be working out well because actually sometimes I am thirsty and not hungry.
Took Johnny to the Lorax what a cute movie, he loved it and told me he wants to buy the dvd...thats pretty special to him...and it brought up lots of conversation about greed and the environment which he asked a ton of questions on.  Like MandaPanda I am not sure why the PG rating??
I continue to track my food in MFP and have noticed that msarah76 rocks!  That girl can exercise..and faithfully, it truly inspires me to be more active...I tend to forget to add exercise to MFP and I need to remember to do that. 
I noticed I dropped a 1/2lb this weekend wish it was more but I will take it.  I am also eating more so I can see its not going to drop as fast.  I made a date with another mom to meet at the gym Wednesday so I am excited about that.


Lisa said...

You are doing incredible!!!

I am on MFP but I haven't logged exercise either. My fitbit keeps track of the exercise. They are linked but the fitbit keeps the exercise on their side.

LoriBang said...

I'm on MFP too. I do log my exercise but not always sure that it is correct but at least its working out! Come check me out my name is lobang! I'd love to have new friends!

mdlapband said...

Yay! I'm so glad that you love myfitnesspal! I think it's awesome! You are doing really so so good!

MandaPanda said...

You're doing great! I think having workout buddies makes it so much easier to get it in. Good for you!