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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Fill....am I a sprinkler

So I just had my first fill....not the best I think my doc pricked me over a dozen times...and not in a good way!  Bad girl.
He had a hard time locating the opening of my port it was tilted in a weird angle.  He did a ultrasound first and saw it right away...although the nurse didn't but he said that was because I have a certain low ride port or something.
I swear at one point he was up on the counter pushing down and all around ...I think he went thru 3 needles.
Well I got ahead of myself...they weighed me and I had lost weight...imagine that! Ok only 1 lb but yeah! Then he asked if I wanted to try the B12 shot I said why not so he said he needed blood work done first to make sure I needed it...well I got a new nurse she had problem finding my vein....couldn't get any blood..but when she took the needle out blood spurted everywhere..I asked if she could just tap into what was running all over my arm but she said no.  Then she asked if she could try my other arm..umm no I already am going in and having a needle in my tummy I don't need both arms with holes too...so I will have to wait until next time for that.
So today was just not my luck with needles --- ugh.  He said I could come back in a couple weeks for more fill.  He put in 3cc and said in a couple weeks we would go to 5cc.  I have a 10cc alergan band so I was game and he promised next time it would be better.  It really didn't hurt too bad just wished it would have went faster..I was in there for 45min with him
So liquids today mushies tomorrow.
I also decided to order meals from a butcher here in town who does low calorie low carb meals that they deliver to your house.  It works out to about $8 a day for meals but I am hoping I don't eat all the food I should be able to have some for leftovers.  I thought it was reasonable and the butcher has great meat so I am looking forward to not having to always wonder what I will eat.  He has chicken,tilapia, salmon, steaks along with veges and a starch(but not a lot of it)  Should get my delivery Thursday..when I am ready to eat solids again!


Jen said...

OMG, I laughed out loud at the part where you asked the tech to just take the blood that was already coming out of you!!!
Glad your fill went semi-ok!!
That meal delivery sounds like a fantastic deal!

stephanee said...

Yikes, you poor thing! I'm curious to hear how things go once you get back on regular foods. I've still got two weeks before my first fill, and I just may eat everything in sight before then! ;)

Banded With Favor said...

Oh B12 shots!!! Love what they do for you...hate how they feel!!!

Glad your fill is at least in!! Don't ya love it when they twirl the needle around like they are stirring ice- tea!!! Feels Awesome and the bruise afterwards!!! So attractive!!! Mine is still nice and black from Sat!!!

A pound is a pound!!! You will be begging for a pound later down the road when that damn pound just doesn't want to budge!!! As long as it is a downward travel on the lovely scale you are doing fantastic!!!;)

Andrea said...

Sorry you had a bad experience with all those needles! I can tell you that finding your vein and the port gets so much easier the more weight you lose. That was a huge NSV for me last time I went in, because they were never able to find my vein before. Hopefully next time will be muh better!

Lisa said...

Weird!! I am glad it wasn't too painful. Mine was so rediculously simple and painless and I am hoping every time is like that.

Why does he want to do B-12? For energy??

MandaPanda said...

Seriously...you would think they'd be better at it by now. Do you mind emailing me what butcher this is? I'd be interested in looking into that.

Momee3021 said...

OK then - I have booked my first fill with a nurse who's sister has a band so I am hoping that it is NOTHING like this but now I'll be a bit more wary if they get up on a table or anything. I know my clinic does not use an ultrasound and I too have the low profile port so I guess they use the force??? This is the first time Ive heard of the B12 - I would take it if they're offering. I hope the fill turns 1 lb into 11 lbs. Keep us posted on whats to come...

DrrtGrl said...

What butcher? I'm in N Phx off Cave Creek/Greenway so I'd be curious to know more. I'm loving reading your story, btw. I feel a lot like you did when you started out.