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Friday, March 9, 2012

Getting organized.....

So wish I had the day off today..having a hard time getting into work.  I finally got my tax stuff ready for the tax guy and finished filing stuff in my office...feels so nice to be organized---whos OCD.
My housecleaner did a crappy job...oh well they didn't charge much...but broke my vacuum cleaner..guess I will be getting a new one...this time I want a cannister one...carpet on stairs is a b*tch to clean.
I still got to finish that scrapbook for the grandparents but I started it!
I packed a little more in my lunch today to make sure I don't get off work STARVING MAD!
Have I mentioned how I hate waiting 30min after I eat to drink-----I was such a drinking queen during meals...I used to think it helped fill me up(but why was I hungry so quickly after I ate---hmmm)
I don't have much here today......happy weekend guys!


MandaPanda said...

Ugh. I'm having someone do our taxes this year as I just got so frustrated with them last year. Still not looking forward to organizing it or paying them. It seems we always owe for state. *sigh*

Sarah G said...

Hope you have a great, relaxing weekend!!

RockBand Barbie said...

I always drank with meals too, but I absolutely can't do it now...I will throw up in 2.2 seconds if I try to drink anything right after eating. It really sucks when I eat something spicy.

Lisa said...

I miss drinking with dinner too!! It's tough!

Sorry the house cleaner didn't do a great job. I seem to always have this issue. Very frustrating!

stephanee said...

I don't look forward to doing my taxes this year. I've been doing an excellent job so far at procrastinating! ;) Have a fabulous evening!