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Monday, March 19, 2012

BYOC...I know I am late but I wanted to comment



1. How do you feel about college? If you have kids or siblings - will you encourage or require them to go? How long did you go and what for?

I think college is a must.  I will encourage my son to go...I already have a college fund going.  I went to college the summer after high school and went year round to graduate with my BS at 20.  I have a skill that people off the street do not have.  If I lose my job..oh well...I have a skill to fall back on that keeps me near my current pay no matter where I go.  I learned life in college.  I did not live at home(but maybe should have).  I struggled to afford living in college.  I ate top ramen and tuna throughout college...didn't buy any clothes just what my mom sent me.  I worked part time while I was in school.  It was a struggle..had a few break downs...but it was also the best time of my life.  I grew up so much coming from little ole Montana down to Phoenix AZ.  I learned to be more outgoing..take risks...save my money, budget and study hard...although I almost got kicked out because I partied so hard that first year I had to get my act together for the second year.  I have a BS in Computer Information Systems.  I graduated from DeVry. When I graduated I had at least 10 interviews and 3 flyouts(1 to Lockheed Martin, Boeing, AIC-3M)  I ended up taking the job at 3M in St Paul MN.

2. Pink or purple? Coke or Pepsi? Pen or pencil? Cursive or printing? Ketchup or mustard?

COKE...oh my god...I want some now
Cursive...I love getting letters...it is such a lost art!
Ketchup and mustard...although since banding I am more of a mustard person...too much sugar in ketchup

3. If you could live in any generation - which one would it be?

70's totally.. Love the music, the drugs, the rock and roll.....I am a big talker...

4. What do you sleep in?

pj bottoms and tops...I like them to match ...I used to iron them...no more since kids.

5. Repeat question - summarize your week!



RockBand Barbie said...

"Love the music, the drugs, the rock and roll"...lol. I love the 70's too!!

stephanee said...

I didn't know you were an I.T. girl, too! Although, I'm going back to school because I miss dealing with patients....I'm a talker and the computers don't talk back! lol

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

I ate ramen and tuna throughout college too!!