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Monday, March 19, 2012

Gained 3 lbs.....

So I had a terrible weekend.  I have been hungry and there was a lot of get togethers this weekend which made it hard to make good choices.  My mom is irish so we went over to her house Saturday for corned beef, potatoes, cabbage and soda bread...I tried to limit my portions and have a protein shake beforehand but corned beef is just plain bad!!!
On Friday hubby picked up chinese food....I had thai fried rice...FRIED!  UGH...and the rice was no problem going down.  Yesterday a couple from church took us all out for another friends birthday to where.....PIZZA PARLOR---ughh....I couldn't win this weekend.  I was happy I stayed at 2 slices...actually 1 slice and the crust from my sons two peices.  Normally I would have had 3 pieces myself so I did sort of well....but when I got on the scale this morning up 3lbs from my low....seriously..this fill Tuesday can't come soon enough.
I went walking this weekend both days and got my exercise in but eating was devastating...my calories were around 1500 which is a far cry from the 1000-1200 I had during my losing phase.
I tried to pack well today so we will see how it goes.
I know you all say it takes a  few fills to feel restirction so I am actually just bummed because I don't know if this fill tomorrow will even notice a difference.


Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Weekends are hard for me as well. I had my fill and in the morning I can barely eat (which isn't my problem time anyway) but nighttime I can eat a horse. I feel ya girly!! Just make better choices! LOL Easier said than done. I chose to drink my calories again this weekend. I also made corned beef cooked 8 hours in Guinness and homemade Shephards Pie which was divine. I ate it on Sat AND Sun. Yesterday I was up on the scale when I woke up but today, the scale was down. GO FIGURE! I am not complaining but I know it's tough. I am totally back on the wagon today and have my food figured out and exercise for today so I can't have any excuses. Hopefully the scale will jump back down for you!!!! Hang in there.

Jen said...

Ugh. I think the weekends are the worst for sure. The fill will make a difference, but you are right, it might take a few to get to where you will really feel it. However, I find that the first few days after the fill, if I follow the rules of post-fill eating, it helps get me in the mindset of how I need to eat all the time. Hope that helps!

Andrea said...

Just keep trying to make good choices. This part is definitely the hardest until you start to feel some restriction.