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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ten Things Thursday!

Thanks to prego Laura Belle! Ten Things Thursday
1.  It snowed here in Phoenix yesterday...No lie...this never happens here...needless to say everyone was grinning who was not driving in it!
2.  The average American consumes 3 hamburgers and 4 orders of fries a week...on average 159 meals a year...THIS IS CRAZY.  I swear I will always say that if a person could eliminate eating out they will save a ton of calories.   I have cut way back.  We used to go out to eat on average 3 times a week.  We now try to stick to 1 day a week(1 meal).
3.  My husband called me his little raisin this weekend...what the what...I think he meant it  as a complement but it rings too true in my ears to hear that as a compliment!
4.  My dog got lazy and cold yesterday and decided to poop in the house...what the what....
5.  Johnnys Chess coach really wants me to put him in a tournament  because he thinks he will come out the winner.  Not sure if I am ready for him to compete.
6.  My husband did all the laundry yesterday..( but I have to still put it away and put on hangers)...however, it was awesome to not have to start that this morning!
7.  Holy crap they police are going to screw up the Pistorius case and I bet he gets off..the crazy MFer!~
8.  Poor Jen...I saw her spring training baseball fields today still covered in snow...you know she lives for spring training down here!!!

9.  Cutting it short Can't think of two more!


Sarah Kopf said...

Husband LIVES for spring training! Listens to the games from his office.

As for the naughty dog, I have three of those little ninjas. Ever think how funny it would be to poop in their kennel and see how they like it? Yeah... Me neither. LOL


Jen said...

Well, girl let me tell you , I wish I could post a picture but my desk overlooks that same field that you posted covered with snow and the snow is gone!!! Bring on the baseball!! Which reminds me to send you the baseball schedule!!

Terrie said...

I don't think I have eaten 3 burgers this year!!

I bet it was a real hoot watching people trying to drive on it. It doesn't look like the roads are particularly slick from the picture but it probably doesn't take much.

So are chess tournaments like watching paint dry?

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Awww - little raisin. I think that's cute - like you're a shrinking grape cuz you're getting so little.

tz said...

they need a 'like' button for comments, I would so 'like' Drazil's comment :D .... snow? in phoenix, WOW...did you guys get a snow day? We just got 7-9 inches and no snow day for us...and I did the snow day dance and nothin' not even a late start :( I'm still bitter.

speck said...

You know we don't see snow either and when we do, we act all stupid! lol And of course I would be driving in it!

My husband and daughter have been to the Atlanta Braves spring training in Orlando several times. They love it. I chose to go shopping. Imagine that!

That was nice of your husband. But we all know, those men can't complete the whole task! lol

Love ya, miss ya.


Banded Strong said...

I heard about the snow in Phoenix! It snowed here too. That is an interesting fact about burgers. I'm kind of grossed out! Hubby loves baseball. He eats, breathes and sleeps it. Stay great!