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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

HeartShaped Pizza and Apple Crisp!

Oh my...Johnny was invited to a playdate today and he is super jacked about going.  We did have a crying fit when he asked me to buy him some angry bird star wars stuffed animals because AJ(the kid he is playing with) has them and he wants to play and his sister doesn't have any so we need to make sure she has one.  I told him no we are not buying any and I am sure AJ has a few he can play with and he can bring the one he has over(he does have one)...the perils of a spoiled only child.  Hubby wanted to go get him one...I almost cut his ear off and threatened his manhood...ok I threatened his manhood...his buddy Tim was over and I did all the threatening in front of him...guess that counts as taking a man card away--:)
I think I will let the boys have the papa Murphys heart shaped pizza on Wednesday(they look so cute)..in case you are wondering..I usually have a salad when they eat this...dough is tricky for me and I would rather not chance it.

I also got to go get my valentines day gift for hubby...still planning on putting together the candy bouquet but I need to go get ingredients.(and not eat it in the process)
Got on the scale this morning and back down to 197...so that is nice..only 4 more to be back to 193..shhhesh...that is depressing.
I have quite a few apples left so I may do an apple crisp.....mmm

I ordered my bountiful basket for this week...I so missed getting it last week.
I am also excited for this weekend...lunch with my AZ bander girls!!!


Connie O said...

You are evil for posting those photos. ;) Is it lunchtime yet?

Congrats on getting back into the 190s! Things are moving in the right direction.

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

In my current state, I could NOT put together a candy bouquet!!! Good for you! I bought my son ONE piece of candy (scrooge!) LOL

Banded Strong said...

That apple crisp looks so awesome!! Stop teasing! Man cards are over rated! Everyone knows the woman wears that pants! Congrats on your loss! You will be back down there in no time!