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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Changing the outside and the inside

So I know weigh in is tomorrow but I snuck a peak and am totally excited for another killer week.  I may surpass last week and I thought last week was a killer week!  I swear though when you hit the green zone things just workout beautifully.   I don't have as many cravings, food just becomes a side consequence not something I obsesses on.
So I have been reflecting on the last time I was this weight.  That would be 1997...ummm 16 years ago...yikes!  I was 26 and I remember my mom telling me she thought I was too skinny at this weight.  I don't feel that this time.  I do remember I was on optifast...not eating any food.  I had just lost over 100lbs on this diet.  I had moved here from MN at my highest ever 318 in 1995.  I was miserable.  Here I was overweight..didn't know many  people, no family here and I was sitting in my apartment and decided this was enough I was sick of being lonely and uncomfortable.  I started working out twice a day everyday and was able to drop down to 175...then I got burned out and the weight slowly started coming back on...I am not sure I stayed at 175 but a month.  175 was my goal weight.
How will this time be different?  Well I have changed the way I live.  What I am doing is not a diet, its a new way of eating and living my life.  If I truly have to have something to eat that is naughty...I do...but then start right back at eating better and try to incorporate those naughty calories into my daily intake.  I don't kill myself in exercise...but I do try to get in movement and at least 30min of some form of exercise every day.
Plus---I am not stopping at 175, I am going to shoot for a lower number 150 but I will re-evaluate when I get to 150
I am also working on my self...trying to be a nice person that when people hear my name they think good things.  I am trying to volunteer at school and church more.  I truly believe in random acts of kindness and participate in them daily.  Sometimes its just as simple as telling someone I don't know that I like there shirt or hair or pretty fingernail polish.  Othertimes, its buying the guy behind me in line his starbucks.  I really am trying to change my life both inside and out.


Run, Chelle, Run! said...

Sending huge hugs your way - you're kicking butt!!!

Sarah Kopf said...

You are awesome! I love this!


Terrie said...

I did that to my goal, my doctor finally said no more; this is your final goal weight. You can totally smoke 150.

You are a great person, you don't have to prove it to anyone.

Banded Strong said...

This is a great, positive post! I love it. You are doing so well!! I love your story! You will be successfull!

Laura Belle said...

Awwww, I love this!! I'm so happy for you! I totally want to be a better person. I feel like I get in a slump and just am all 'poor me', but I need to snap out of it!!

I think this post just help me do it!

Thanks babe!!!